• Chairperson_Manas Kumar Mohanty
    Sri Gyana Das, I.A.S.
    Administrator, Bhadrak Municipality
  • Executive Officer_antaryami Panda copy
    Pradeep Kumar Sahoo
    Executive Officer, Bhadrak Municipality

History of Bhadrak

Bhadrak having a rich heritage and history derives its name as legend has it, from the Goddess Bhadrakali whose temple stands on the bank of the river Salandi. This district is bounded by Balasore district in the north, Jajpur district and river Baitarani is in the south, Keonjhar district is in the west and Bay of Bengal and Kendrapada district is in the east. The area of this district is 1721 sq. Km. With a population of 1332000 as per provisional figure of 2001 census. It is a level trac of allivial soil with a gradual slope eastwards to the Bay of Bengal. A number of deltaic rivers viz. Salandi, Baitarani, Kansabansa, Gamol, Mantei, Genguti, Kochila, Reba and Kapali pass through and around the District.Bhadrak subdivision of the undivided Balasore district became a new district on 1st april'1993. vide Government in Revenue Department Notification No. DRC-44/93.14218/R dated 27th March 1993.This district was carved out from the Balasore District and became a separate entity.Bhadrak town is situated at a distance of 125 km from the state capital, Bhubaneswar. Bhadrak having a rich heritage and history derives its name as legend has it, from the Goddess Bhadrakali whose temple stands on the bank of the river Salandi.

In the historic Quit India Movement of 1942 Bhadrak played a leading role. It was under the leadership of Muralidhar Panda that on the 22nd Sept.1942 at Lunia, Katasahi the movement flared up to immortal flame with Nidhi Mohalik and eight others laying down their lives at the altar of freedom. Fittingly the place has been hallowed as Sahidnagar. At Eram on the 28th Sept. 1942 in an enclosed place like jalianawal Bagh nearly forty persons bared their chests to British Bullets for the cause of freedom. The congregated leadership, which guided the quit India Movement, constitutes many luminous figures including Dr.Harekrushna Mohatab, Md. Hanif, Muralidhar Jena, Gokulananda Mohanty, Nilamani Routray and others.


Bhadrak is famous for its Kali Puja held at Charampa for seven days. Temple of this goddess, known as Bhadrakali, is located about 10 km from Bhadrak, Lord Akhandalamani is about 40 km away from Bhadrak. Maa Patana Mangala Temple is about 38.0 km(43 min) away from Bhadrak. One of the major famous festival for "Pana Sankranti" held at Chhatrapada April 14 to 21 April its Maa Patana Mangala's big festival. Muslim Sufi Saint Mujahid-e-Millat's Shrine (Mazaar) is at Dhamnagar, which is 22 km from Bhadrak Railway Station km away from both railway station and bus stand. This shrine is also known as Khanquah-E-Habibiah. Another Sufi Saint, Hazur Sarkar-e-Millat Sayed Nasim Akhtar Quadri Bogdadi Alehrehma alias "Sarkar Baba" resides in the "Shaikh Sahi Masjid" in Bhadrak Municipality which is around 3 km away from both the railway station and bus stand. He is a living legend and everyday thousands of people visit him for his blessings, and his youngest brother Hazrat Chote Sarkar Sayed Wasim Akhtar Quadri Bogdadi was also a living legend. Hazrat chhote sarkar has taken his last breath on 5 April 2013(Friday)evening after Asar before magrib in Delhi. He was buried in khanquah-e-Gulsane-Gouspak, sarkarNagar, Bypass Bhadrakh on 7 April 2013 at 2.30am. More than Five Lakh people gathered for the last prayer(Namaje JANAJA) at khanquah-e- Gulsane- Gouspak. Everyday lots of pilgrims come to shrine for taking his blessings. Another Punjabi Saint Guru Nanak ji's tomb/Gurudwar is also in Sangat village near Purana Bazar which is about 5 km from Bhadrak.

One Nice Place in Bhadrak is Lord Maa Dhamarai, which is in Dhamra that is 80 from Bhadrak. DRDO.For Muslims, the most famous attraction in Bhadrak District is Kadam-E-Rasul, situated 2 km from Darghah of Saint Hazrat Mujahd-e-Millat in Jagti. Many memorable Tabrukaat are there, including: the Kadam-E-Rasul of the Prophet Mohammed (SAWS), MOO-E-Mubarak Prophet Mohammed, Panja Mubarak Hazrat Maula Ali, Dupata Mubarak Khatum e Jannat, Kadam Pak Hazrat Gaus ul-Azam Dastegir. Other sareefs' mazars are also in Dhamnagar, i.e. 1. Saha Jamal Baba, 2. Kazi Sahab Tayab Baba (Bazar Sahi), 3.Gazi Baba (Pathan Mohallah), 4.Kalu Sahab Baba (Jagati), 5.Shah Saheb Baba (Jagti), 6.Kazi Rafiuddin Baba (Kazi Saheb) Kazi Sahi, 7. Shah Mohammad Sarif (Baghu Baba) Munisipatna, 8. Shah saheb (charhabeli), 9. Shah Saheb (Nazar Sahi), etc. Jasne idd miladun Nabi Is Observed in Dhamnagar is very famous. On this day the Tabarukat at Kadam Rasul is shown to the public. Another function is the Annual Urs pak of Mujahid-e-Millat. Many peoples from all over India come to Dhamnagar for Ziarat of the holy sirine. This sirine is also known as Khanquah-E-Habibiah.Another famous mazar (Dargah) in Bhadrak is Khanquah Quddusia, which is situated in Quddusi nagar, Mirzapur village of Bhadrak town. Allama Sayed Abdul Quddus Alaihir Rahma was the famous mufti of Odisha in his time and was known as Mufti-e-Azam Odisha. Muslims of Bhadrak celebrate birthday of Prophet Mohammad every year on the occasion of Eid-Miladun-Nabi and meet at one place called Madina Maidan (at Shankarpur). JIMNC (Jashn e Eid-Miladun-Nabi Committee) actively contributes towards organizing this Holy event.One of the major festival"Dola purnima" or Holli (Melana)celebrets in Bhadrak in different places; Jharpata Deasha melan, location-jharpata, Guamal, Tihidi, Ghanteswar, Bhadrak, which celebrets next day of Dola purnima, Except Jharpata, this festival celebtrets in other areas like-Lunia, Kalimegha, Balikhanda,Andhaipalli, Sahada, Brahmanigaon, Patrajpur etc. The Cart Festival (Ratha yatra) celebrets in jharpata, guamal, tihidi, Ghanteswar, Totapada, Chhatrapada, Bhadrak, Bandhatia village srijagannath matha was one of the oldest place which observed ganesh puja near about 150 years.in this village lives so many artist and social worker .


Bhadrak is Lok Sabha Constituency (No:7). The present Member of Parliament is Arjun Charan Sethi, Biju janta dal. Current MLA from Bhadrak Assembly Constituency is Shri Jugal Kishore Pattnaik of BJD, who won the seat in 2009. Previous MLAs from this seat were Naren Palei, INC in 2004, Biren Palei, INC in 2000, Prafulla Samal of BJD who won in 1995 and in 1990, Jugal Kishore Pattanayak who won in 1985 representing INC and in 1980 representing INC(I), and Ratnakar Mohanty of JNP in 1977.


Bhadrak railway station serves Bhadrak district. Bhadrak lies on National Highway 5. There are frequent buses from Bhadrak to Bhubaneswar and Balasore